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FU Live 1993 CD march 13 2005, 11:39 pm
submitted by: dj tanner

yellow shorts

38.8 MB zip file - Entire Concert

Back in the day, when I used to drive a Camaro and Norm used to wear yellow shorts, we used to have this little band called Flaming Undertow. I won't even go into how we got our name, it just sounded good at the time. Or maybe it didn't. Regardless, we had been playing for a little over a year at this point when our good friend Bubba, played by Shawn Willing, asked us to play at his birthday party at the Edmond Town Hall. We never passed up the opportunity to play a show, even if it meant dressing up in the same outfits and carrying hundreds of pounds of equipment down eighteen million flights of stairs to play one song on a little deck on a lake.


In any case, I had just got my four-track tape recorder two weeks earlier and I was very excited to record a live show properly. Of course, I really didn't know what I was doing, and you can tell because the vocals break up throughout the entire show. The rest of the tape came out pretty good though. In fact, if you take the vocal track off, it sounds much better. No offense, Jay.

The neat thing about playing at the Town Hall was the acoustics in the room. You can really tell how great it sounded, especially on the drums. I've never managed to get a sound quite like the one on this tape.

At one point we were too loud, you know, for the moviegoing crowd who was trying to watch Cool Runnings or something like that, and we had to turn down.

And the Bethel girls were there.

And we had a rhumba line.

And we played Sabbath.

So, even though the quality isn't perfect, it does offer some conceptual continuity for those of you who are playing along at home. Enjoy!

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normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 1

Ah, the Bethel girls... not good times, right Jay and Chuck and Bill Zarmsky?

This is a fantastic album - I highly recommend 'Asbestos'. Kudos Tanner!

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
comment no. 2

I almost forgot the thank you note we never sent to Bubba's parents:

we should have sent this. is twelve years too late?

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
comment no. 3

Track Listing:

1 Blitzkreig Bop
2 Contempt
3 Dying Day
4 [Intro to Television Talk To Me]
5 Television Talk To Me
6 [We've Just Been Informed...]
7 [Christmas Lights On The Drums]
8 Paranoid
9 [Intro to Doug's Song]
10 Doug's Song
11 [Intro to The Pit]
12 The Pit (cut off)
13 Under The Bridge
14 [Intro to Peter's Magic Flute]
15 Peter's Magic Flute
16 [Crowd Participation]
17 Get Off My Cloud
18 [Intro to Cornfield Of Ashes]
19 Cornfield Of Ashes
20 [Intro to Asbestos]
21 Asbestos Mosh
22 Drift (cut off)

kid dexterity
kid dexterity 1186 posts
comment no. 4

Was Norm nervous at first? Some of those tempos in the first few songs are... zestier than I remember.

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 5

Was I shook up? Was I nervous? Hrmm... not that I recall. Remember, it was my idea to wear matching uniforms for Dougs, think I gave a shit about how I looked? And the band I played with - think I gave a shit about how I sounded?

Ha! Nerves are for pussies! I'm an entertainer, son!

Honestly, we do sound really good at times on this album.

jay rock
jay rock 1362 posts
comment no. 6

I could have sworn I had pubes by the time we did that show, but I sound so young . . . oh wait a minute I just checked and I still don't have pubes *sigh* damn.

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 7

You had pubes! Remember you cooked them into a bowl of chili and made me eat it but then I made you eat a chili made from your parents? Our story was turned into an episode of 'South Park'... doesn't ring a bell?

blackwidow 1056 posts
comment no. 8

Wow. That was my 21st birthday.

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
comment no. 9

By the way, I found out what happened to Doug.

robert troll
robert troll 566 posts
comment no. 10

Ahh the Camaro that you wore out a brand new set of tires driving back from JMU..

chuck d
chuck d 425 posts
comment no. 11

btw....norm, did i tell you how i ran into betsy multiple times at the hatch a couple of summers ago? she is/was still pretty hot.

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 12

Ah Betsy... ya know what?

jay rock
jay rock 1362 posts
comment no. 13

I actually talked to Betsy by e-mail about a month ago. She's married and living down in Maryland.

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
comment no. 14

The missing three songs can be found here.

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 15

Fantastic work all around.

jay rock
jay rock 1362 posts
comment no. 16

Donut Man = some of the greatest drum fills of norm's early career.

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